Scholars NFT


                            THE STORY OF THE TARDIS


Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is at its best in the fall. The humidity of summer gives way to a crisp breeze you can feel everywhere in the city, even in Manhattan’s concrete labyrinth.

Deep in the park, three professors lie in the grass. Banter is the order of the day. Professor James has been arguing a bizarre philosophical point for the last hour. With each passing minute, he adds another outlandish layer to his theory. Joe finds it hilarious and eggs him on. Professor Sean chuckles, striking a stark resemblance to Winston Churchill as he puffs on his cigar, until he eventually — finally — catches James in an obvious contradiction. Hilarity ensues. Each professor accuses the others of being a disgrace to the academy.

Eventually, Professor Joe pushes himself up off the ground, his pants covered in dirt and grass. “I’m off to find a good tree,” he remarks, and walks off.

A perfect tree quickly appears. Just as he is about to undo his zipper, however, a flash of light causes his head to snap to the right. Across the meadow where he knows the other two professors lie spent, exhausted from their battle of the minds, he spots something that defies logic.

A telephone booth, in the old English style. In fact, it exactly resembles the Tardis from the popular British program Doctor Who. Professor Joe shakes his head in disbelief, rubbing his eyes in cartoonish fashion, in case this restores reality. But no. The Tardis is there.

Professor Joe runs back to the group. He forgets all about needing to pee. Before long, the Professors are opening the door to the Tardis and stepping inside, insatiably curious about how such a thing could have manifested itself out of thin air.

All three are inside, inspecting the phone, debating whether they should use it to call Professor Sean’s mother in Ireland as a prank — when, suddenly, there is another flash of light. This time it is within the Tardis, right above the professors’ heads. Everything goes dark.

The three professors stumble out of the Tardis. Joe blinks several times and sighs with relief as he looks around him. They are in Prospect Park. Nothing has changed. It must have been a short circuit in the booth’s wiring. Or something like that. Surely.

Suddenly, Joe hears an astonished yelp from behind him. He spins and cannot comprehend what he sees.

It is not Professor James. Or, it is — but it is the version of him that must’ve have existed fifteen years ago. The boy bears all of James’s distinct features — his blue eyes, the hair that seems neither blond nor brown.

“What? I mean — who — what — James, is that you?” Professor Joe exclaims, apoplectic. The voice that comes out of his mouth is not his own, but a child’s.

“Yes, but — wait — what happened to you?” Professor James blinks and stares at Joe, who is now nearly unrecognizable. His unibrow gives him an appearance that could charitably be described as rustic. This version of Joe had not yet discovered grooming.

The two boys turn and see the child that had been Professor Sean. His face has changed remarkably little, though he has lost his signature scruff. A toothy grin appears on his face.

“Hey guys,” he finally manages, stifling laughter.

The Professors find themselves themselves again standing together in Prospect Park. But they are no longer professors. They are boys, and they feel suddenly possessed by the wild enthusiasm that boyhood always brings. It is the sensation that the world is your oyster. That anything is possible.

Professor Sean’s giddiness is infectious. Joe cannot help but crack a smile in return. “I don’t think anyone’s going to be letting us teach them anytime soon,” he remarks wryly.

Professor James begins to giggle as well. “I suppose you’re right. We’re not professors anymore. Not like this. Now we’re back to how we used to be. Now, we’re… we’re, uh…

“Scholars,” answers Professor Sean, with an air of finality. And, as boys always do, he begins to run across the meadow towards the woods, with no particular destination in mind.

The two remaining professors — no, Scholars — turn to each other and shrug. And before a moment has passed, they are in hot pursuit.

They do not care where the chase takes them. 


By minting multiple Professor NFTs, you can earn up to five free Scholars! These NFTs will be priced at .055 ETH.

• Second Professor Mint = free Scholar NFT!

• Fourth Professor Mint = free Scholar NFT!

• Sixth Professor Mint = free Scholar NFT!

• Tenth Professor Mint = two free Scholar NFTs!

There is a maximum ‘tardis bonus’ of 5 Scholars per wallet.

All Scholars holders will be shipped an exclusive Student notebook as shown in the pictures down below.

The Professors will be blessing students with up to $5,000 in Minting rewards!

These lucrative “bounties” will be reserved for Discord announcements or live Twitter spaces.

If you’re lucky enough to Mint a Professor with a TARDIS background, the NFT will serve as a permanent coupon for 75% off private tutoring sessions! 

By owning both a Mint Pass combined with a Scholar NFT, your wallet will automatically be entered into a lottery to win a Golden Einstein NFT.

This lottery will draw on November 8th, 2022.

In order to participate in any of the utilities above, your Professor NFTs must be de-listed for two weeks post mint.

A snapshot of wallets will be taken on October 21st, and you may list again past October 28th. You may list again past October 29th.

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